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Medical Malpractice

When looking for a personal injury attorney, its crucial to find one whose experience contains similar cases. Personal injury is a general term that different kinds of cases fall under. Most personal injury attorneys oversee several cases but very few can handle all of them.

What is The Attorney's Level of Experience Handling My Case Type?

Medical malpractice occurs when patients are injured by the medical advice given by doctors and healthcare professionals. This can include medical misdiagnosis, childbirth injuries, hospital-related infections and errors from surgery. Lawyers who generally take care of these types of cases typically are proficient in medical law and may even have medical training.

Car Accidents

Vehicle accidents are one of the most prevalent forms of physical injuries. A lawyer will collect all of the evidence to ensure you get payment you may be entitled to for your trauma, pain and suffering, vehicle damage, and lost wages. Negotiating with the insurance companies can be hard, so your lawyer will deal with that for you.

Dog Bites

Millions of people fall victim to dog bites every year and while often the bites arent life-threatening. some end up with missed wages from time off of work. They also cause suffering and medical bills. Most state's laws assert that the dogs owners are responsible for damage inflicted by dog bites so make sure to check your local laws.

Slips and Falls

Slip and falls frequently occur and they can be extremely serious, more so for the older population. They often take place due to wet floors in a grocery store or an unequal sidewalk. Every fall wont give rise to legal liability, but valid slip and fall claims are filed and settled every year.

Assault and Battery

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Assault and battery are intentional torts, which means they can function as the basis for a civil lawsuit demanding compensation in the form of monetary damages. It does get complex however, as an assault is characterized as a crime in every state, meaning the state has the option to prosecute.

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